Smithfield - Spiral Sliced Country Half Ham, 5-6 lbs. - Price Includes Shipping

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Smithfield Spiral Sliced Country Half Ham
Formerly Sold as Williamsburg Brand 
Spiral Sliced Around the Bone
Average 5 - 6 lbs.
Price Includes Standard Shipping
Perishable Item - Ships Mon - Wed.
May Arrive Partially Thawed or Frozen
Smithfield has taken a dry-cured country ham and spiral sliced it around the bone for ease of serving. This fully cooked, bone-in ham is great for entertaining and provides the perfect complement to a milder city-smoked spiral ham. For those who enjoy the savory flavor of a salt-cured country ham this is the one for buffets, picnics or tailgating. So easy, and ready-to-serve at room temperature - or gently heat in foil.  5 - 6 lbs. average weight. Refrigerate any unused portions. 

A shorter curing process results in a more subtle, slightly milder flavor. These moist, succulent hams although slightly milder than a Smithfield ham, still retain that distinctive old-fashioned country cure flavor.

PLEASE NOTE these ham slices have been dry cured with SALT and are sliced thin to enjoy the full country flavor. Country Hams are salty and are not appropriate for everyone's taste.

This product is shipped by UPS directly from Smithfield. Perishable items are shipped UPS Mon. - Wed.  Items ordered together may be shipped separately. If Express Delivery (2 transit days after processing) is required or desired, it needs to to be selected on the drop down bar on this page when ordering. This will add $15.00 to shipping. Next Day Air and 3 Day Select shipping are not offered for this item. We ship only to the continental U.S. which excludes Alaska and Hawaii.

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Your ham will ship frozen in a sturdy corrugated box. Because of the unique salt curing process, ice packs or dry ice are not required for shipment. Partial thawing will occur in transit. Please refrigerate upon receipt.
Allow approximately 5 hours per pound to thaw in the refrigerator. 
Country hams may be refrigerated unopened for up to 6 weeks, or opened and tightly wrapped for up to 10 days, and still maintain maximum flavor. Tightly wrapped country ham (do not use aluminum foil) may also be frozen, off the bone. 
Further preparation is unnecessary. Your ham is fully cooked. Simply remove the slices and serve. Country Hams are best served at room temperature. Or if you prefer, reheat in aluminum foil on low heat (275°F) until slightly warm. Heating is recommended if a glaze will be applied. 
This ham is not glazed. To add your personal glaze choice, please follow the recipe or manufacturer's instructions for glaze preparation. No further seasoning is recommended.
Cut along the natural seam on the top (as it faces you), extending knife point as far back into the ham as you wish to remove slices and then down and to the left, parallel to the bone, exiting at the natural seam. Then make a second cut along the top (where the first section was removed) parallel to the bone, around to the right and exiting at the natural seam. To remove the final section, cut down to the right, and parallel to the bone until the section is free.
Best served as a party ham or as the focus of a buffet. Perfect for biscuits, or chopped for salads and omelets. Use the bone and leftovers to season soups, beans, or vegetables. Delicious for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
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