Smithfield - Naturally Smoked Turkey, Price Includes Shipping

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Hickory Smoked Whole Turkey
Formally Basse's Choice 
10 lb. Average
Price Includes UPS Standard Shipping
Perishable Item - Ships Mondays - Wednesdays
May Arrive Partially Thawed or Frozen

The perfect no-fuss way to add great taste to any gathering. Smithfield's tender turkeys are slowly smoked over fragrant hardwood hickory in small batches, giving these meaty birds a delicate taste with exceptional keeping qualities. Ready to serve hot or cold. 10 lb. avg. Serves about 14.

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Cook and Care:
Your fully cooked, whole smoked turkey has been flash frozen to lock in natural flavor, ships with dry ice in a recyclable Styrofoam cooler and may arrive frozen or partially thawed. Please keep frozen until ready to use.
Smoked turkey may be refrigerated for up to 7 days or frozen for 6 months and still maintain maximum flavor.
Do not thaw at room temperature! Place whole turkey in unopened wrapper on a tray in the refrigerator for 2-5 days.
Your smoked turkey is fully cooked and best served at room temperature. To serve warm, pre-heat oven to 250°F. Remove turkey from plastic and wrap in aluminum foil to retain juiciness. Place turkey breast up in a shallow pan. Heat 8-10 minutes per pound. This turkey is already fully cooked, do not over heat! Note: Your smoked turkey will have a pink hue, a normal result of the curing and smoking process.
Your whole turkey should be carved across the grain for the most tenderness. You may carve either tableside on a platter or prior to the meal on a welled cutting board to hold the juices. Be sure to use a sharp long thin knife and a carving fork to hold it in place. Your turkey is best carved when warm or at room temperature. Remove any string or leg connectors. Cut off the legs and separate the drumstick and the thigh, by cutting through the joint. Slice the thigh meat if desired. The drumstick is best served whole. You may remove the breast and slice prior to your meal, or slice it directly on the turkey tableside. To cut the breast meat, start by cutting straight down into the center of the turkey along the breastbone until you hit the ribs. Then start making individual cuts along the top, cutting in towards the breastbone, with the knife parallel to the table. You have probably seen the breast meat carved downwards along the side, but we recommend carving parallel to the table to give you more tender meat, since you are carving across the grain. And finally, cut off the wings and separate at the joint. No slicing needed here.
An impressive center-of-the-table entrée or focus of a buffet. Perfect for sandwiches, as an entrée, or chopped for salads. Delicious with our Southern Cornbread Dressing, a fruit chutney or cranberry relish.

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