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Winter Comforts!

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Jill's Old Fashioned Gingerbread Mix
Cardinal Chocolates Cranberry and Cashew Fruit and Nut Bark
The Peanut Shop of Williamsburg Virginia Peanuts
The Peanut Shop of Williamsburg Chocolate Virginia Peanuts 
 Cardinal Chocolates Milk Chocolate Cherry Bars
Allens Matcha Chocolate Chip Shortbread
Jill's Frosty's Chocolate and Raspberry Cocoa 
 Jill's Winter Wonderland French Vanilla Cocoa 

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Celebrate the holiday season with this assortment of gourmet products in a basket decorated with a winter theme. Perfect for gift giving! Please include your gift message in the gift message box if you wish.           

Cardinal Chocolates Cranberry and Cashew Fruit and Nut Bark- Cranberries, Cashews and Crispy Rice blended into creamy White Chocolate. Cardinal chocolates are handmade in Alexandria, Virginia. 6 oz.

Peanut Shop of Williamsburg Chocolate Covered Peanuts - Double dipped in rich and creamy milk chocolate. The Peanut Shop of Williamsburg has become renowned for this seasonal gourmet delight. 11.5 oz. Holiday Nutcracker Tin

The Peanut Shop of Williamsburg Salted Virginia Peanuts - The Peanut Shop of Williamsburg starts with the finest peanuts available - Virginia super extra-large. After a unique process of blanching, they are quickly cooked in golden peanut oil with no additives or preservatives to alter their natural goodness. Hand cooking in small batches insures the taste and quality remain consistent. This time-honored recipe makes these peanuts distinctively unique, unbelievably crisp and absolutely delicious. 10.5 oz. Holiday Nutcracker Tin

Cardinal Chocolates Milk Chocolate Cherry Bars - Smooth milk chocolate loaded with dried, real cherries. Handmade in Alexandria, Virginia. Two 1.5 oz. bars 

Jill's Old Fashioned Gingerbread Mix, JIll's Frosty's Chocolate and Raspberry Cocoa and Jill's Winter Wonderland French Vanilla Cocoa - After selling Byrd Mill baking mixes since 2005 we were sad to learn that the mill had stopped production. We began to look for a replacement from a close source and found through an enthusiastic recommendation Jill’s Baking Mixes from Hampstead, Maryland. Since beginning in her mother's own kitchen, Jill Gebhart has had one thing that sets her mixes and other goods apart from the crowd. As the company grew from a rented kitchen, to a small house and shipping to 1,200 stores nationwide, this promise of taste, freshness, and personality has made "Jill's Jams, Mixes and More" the business it is today. 3 oz. Each , Each Serves 2

Allens Matcha Chocolate Chip Scottish Shortbread - The Allen Rabbit Family bakes their own batches of the beloved Scottish Shortbread recipe passed down from Grandma Rabbit of Glasglow, Scotland 35 years ago. It is a family owned business in Charlottesville, Virginia, with a mission to “hand out happiness with every box of shortbread." The mouth-watering shortbread consists of four ingredients: flour, butter, cane sugar, and rice flour. Four stick  box consists of four main ingredients (flour, butter, cane sugar, and rice flour) 

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